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ARTSA Rondel


Hello 41’ers


My Name is Leon “Jedi” Garbade and I am the Round Table Southern Africa President for the 2014-2015 year. I am married to Robyn (for 15 years, don’t know who needs the medal more????) and we have one daughter Addison. II have been a member since November 2009 and am a proud member of Port Shepstone Round Table.


Below is a small look at my thoughts and opinions on Round Table and I would love it if you took the time to have a little read at my ramblings! In any case, thank you for visiting our site and we hope to see you soon!


Round Table,

How do I package it? How do I tell the masses what it is that makes us so great? How do I explain to you what it is that sets us apart from other service clubs?

A very good friend of mine Rory “The Round Tabler” Milne, believes it is Fellowship that leads to a feeling of Community. I sat at Margate 46’s Induction dinner recently and listened to him liken the word “Fellowship” to Community, and maybe that is it!

So are we strictly a charitable organisation? I believe we are not. Are we a paramilitary organisation? I believe not. (although some meeting sergeants would disagree…ha ha)

We are a fellowship organisation that permits young men of all races and creeds the opportunity to meet, to interact on a face-to-face level, not just through social media platforms like “Whatsapp”, “Facebook” etc. We are a fellowship organisation that teaches young men, manners, respect and decorum. It teaches us to honor our families and to be humble in the face of our own success.

We are a fellowship organisation that crosses provinces, borders and continents, it teaches us that it is ok to try and fail, rather than fail to try. It provides us with a platform and network that extends far beyond the reaches of our own Table Careers and Table Generations.

We are a fellowship organisation that provides young men the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and learn from their predecessors in a very forgiving environment that is so unlike the unforgiving world out there!

So by now hopefully you are getting it: We are a Fellowship organisation.

What about the Charity? I hear many of you asking? And to be dead honest many young men have joined Round Table for the Charitable aspect of our operations and for these young men, Round Table provides and avenue for them to undertake their perceived Civic Duty and do good for their communities. How does this fit in with fellowship? Easy, ….the charitable cause becomes the reason for the fellowship. How many of you have ever experienced collecting monies on the side of the road in the broad daylight dressed in a Tuxedo? I know that I have and what an experience it was!

But is that it, I mean is it just about fellowship and charity?

The answer is no! That is not what we are all about!

At a recent strategic planning meeting held during Shadow Assco in Bloemfontein, the incoming Association Council defined the following four focus points as pillars holding RTSA up.


2.Identity and Brand Awareness.




So returning to the original question of how do we package ourselves? Well I beg you to consider the following:

Round Table is firstly and for mostly a fellowship club with extremely strong ties to its community.

Round Table creates Brand awareness through the above medium and through the good works that it undertakes in the community.

Round Table encourages debate and communication amongst young men at meetings, lectures, discussions and other activities

Round Table undertakes charitable work as part of its operations.

So in short, Round Table is……………………..you all thought I was going to say a fellowship club didn’t you??????

No, Round Table is far more complex and far reaching than I could ever try and explain to you in this Presidents Address, I will however tell you, that if you are a Young man between the Ages of 18 and 40 and you want to make a difference in your life, your families life and of course, The Lives of others, give Round Table a try and make contact with either myself or your nearest Round Table to become part of OUR community!

Leon Jedi Garbade

RTSA President 2014-2015



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