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41'ers Association AGM 2022, Southern Africa
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Dear Fellow 41’ers, Tablers and Friends,          foto1            

The New Year has been in full swing now for almost two months and the Council has also been busy and getting stuck in.

The Executive Council of the 41’er Association spend the weekend of the 7th- 9th of February in Kenton-on-Sea, Eastern Cape for our 2nd Exec meeting. The weekend was filled by a short workshop on the Friday afternoon while we were waiting for everyone to arrive, basically discussing issues that have come up over the last few months since we were inducted.

The Friday evening was in the form of a social at the Kenton Round Table Clubhouse, where we joined the current and incoming Round Table Southern Africa Executive Council, along with their partners and some of the members of RT Kenton 210. Lovely fellowship was enjoyed along with an excellently braai-ed Steak by the locals.

Saturday it was obviously down to business and we attended the 4th Executive meeting of the RTSA Council. The main discussion point relating to us has always obviously been our involvement of the Association with Round Table in general, where we fit in and trying to define our purpose. The relaunch of Middleburg 126 Round Table was brought up and what an intricate part the Coalfields 41’ers played in getting the Table back on its feet, assisting with the run of their first project and just getting the general support they needed to get the Club re-established in the community. This is exactly what we talk about when we say the Association holds its members responsible and accountable for the wellbeing and the continuance of Round Table.

foto4But the responsibility works both ways: it’s up to the current Tablers to make sure they keep in touch with their 41’ers, make them still feel part of the fun, ask for their assistance with projects and use the wealth of experience that you have at your disposal, it really is worth it.

This brings me to another issue that has reared its head over the last few years: some may have noticed it but simply ignores it as it doesn’t concern them. The issue I’m referring to - and it is induction season so it may be a good time to think about it - is the title “Honorary Member”. Now when I joined Table in the previous decade, the term Honorary Member or Membership was something we held in very high regard. It was the HIGHEST honour a Table could give a member that they felt deserved to carry that title. Someone who really gave his all and made a difference in his career or the time he has been at that Club.  Recently however it’s become, and this is my opinion so you are welcome to disagree, but it’s almost as if it’s more of a tool to keep the guy that can run the projects the best, around for longer. Are we really doing ourselves any favours, instead of learning from them so by the time they have to leave and become active 41’ers, we know what we are doing and can run that Winter Knights or the golf day or any other project. You can go around the country and listen to the number of “Honourees” that are in their second or even third years as exactly that, an Honorary.

Gentlemen are we not diluting the institution of that title on an individual that so rightly deserves it, are we really honouring that Tabler for his work, or are we actually just abusing them for their skill and gentle nature… Food for thought, so I sincerely hope, when you are at your Table’s AGM this year and you have to vote on the matter, think carefully about that title and ask yourself if this is the way you would have wanted to be honoured.

We still have a lot of work left for the last Half of our Year in the hot-seat, so from us to all of you, good luck with the induction season, to the new foto3incumbents: I wish you all the best for the year. May you be successful in all your activities in making this a better place for those that can’t help themselves.

“May the hinges of friendship never rust, nor the chains of fellowship that binds us ever break…”


Cornelis Burger

41’ers Association Southern Africa

President 2019/20


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"May the hinges of friendship never rust... May the chains of fellowship that bind us together remain unbroken"

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