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Dear Fellow 41’ers and Friends,

Writing this letter has proven to be more of a challenge than anticipated, especially after I read the one from last year where we were all looking forward to a prosperous New Year filled with love, health and happiness. I think we will all agree that 2020 delivered exactly the opposite; we lost family and friends, we lost businesses, we watched the world become a prison to something called Covid-19 and suddenly not visiting family and friends became an act of love, a world gone mad, not to even mention the US Presidential election. We were certainly not prepared, no one knew what was coming and we with the second wave escalating as I write this, we are also not sure where this is all going to end, what the extent of the damage will be and how many of us will still be standing.

The Executive took a decision during June of this year, in line with 41 International, to call 2020 a “dud” year and that all members of the Executive Council will remain in their various job functions for the following year. The induction of Nico McNamara as the next President of the Association has moved to the weekend of 3-5 September 2021 and will be held at the same venue as advertised on the 41’er website. Register now on https://www.41ers.co.za/agm-2020

Although we were constrained during lockdown, it certainly did not stop the momentum of the Association. Various Zoom meetings where held and discussions made to steer us in the right direction for the New Year. The Secretary and Treasurer are working hard to make sure all member details are correct and up to date, so we can join the 21st century by also going live on the international platform called 41’er World, a spin-off of the Round Table site called Tabler World. All member details including location and business will be listed and it will act as a useful tool not only to those still traveling and wanting information about local 41’ers in the countries they are visiting, but also how we can assist each other through our various professions as the information will be readily available through this very useful website, that works like an App on any smart phone. Each member will receive a login and password trough which they will be able to log in and update their information.  This will then also take the place of the annual directory and business directory that we have had huge challenges with to complete over the last years, mainly due to a lack of funding and the information just simply not being correct and up to date.

As mentioned in my address when I took office in September 2019, our focus was and will remain to clear up all administration of the Association. We are streamlining our clubs structure to not only make it easier to manage, but also have a cost saving to the members of the Association. More details on this will follow once finalized at our next Executive meeting to be held early in new year.

I also want to remind all members about the YAP programme that has been run very successfully by Nico over the last few years, where you as members can send your child or grandchild on an unforgettable trip to Europe for two weeks. The Association not only organizes this event, but also contributes funds to each child towards their pocket money.

This year was certainly difficult from all angles as we lost some valuable mentors to many of us: JB le Roux from Durbell, Keith Dempsey from Toti and Alan Naude from Bloemfontein, to mention but a few. They will be sorely missed by us all and the wealth of knowledge and passion they had for the Rondel was immeasurable. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families through this difficult time and we pray their souls rest in peace.

We look forward to the new year and I sincerely hope that we all stay strong. This too shall pass and we as an Association will remain firm, diligent in our duty and forever bound by those chains of fellowship.  



Cornelis Burger

41’er Association Southern Africa

President 2019/20




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