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My Fellow 41ers,

Firstly, let me Thank Past President Ben Burger for his leadership this past year and congratulate him on a great year. 

I am very Honoured to be elected as your President, I appreciate that it reflects your trust and recognition in me, and I commit to repaying that faith. 

Thank You to everyone that took the time to attend our AGM 2023. In light of the unfortunate tragedy that took place recently, my first message to the Association is about the importance of Family, Friendship, and Brotherhood and is dedicated to the Moffet Family. 

In a world that often seems increasingly disconnected, these bonds are our anchors, our sources of strength and joy. 

Family is the foundation upon which our lives are built. It's the unconditional love and unwavering support Never take for granted. 

Friendship is chosen. It enriches our lives with laughter, camaraderie, and the comfort that we're not alone on this journey. Friendships offer us joy in triumphs and solace in times of sadness.

Brotherhood is Both! It's about a shared purpose, shared goals, and the unwavering commitment to one another. Brotherhood teaches us loyalty, resilience, and the profound strength that comes from standing together. It's not limited by blood; it's defined by shared values and experiences.

These connections remind us of our humanity. They provide a support system during life's challenges. They shape our character, influence our decisions, and define our sense of belonging in the world.

But, like any treasure, they require nurturing. In our fast-paced lives, it's easy overlook them…

Yet, the effort we invest in these relationships is a direct reflection of the richness and depth they bring to our lives. Family, Friendship, and Brotherhood are not mere words; they are the threads that weave the beautiful tapestry of our lives. 

May the hinges of friendship never rust, may the chains of fellowship that bind us together, remain unbroken. 

Yours in 41ers

Suren Packery

President 2023/24





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"May the hinges of friendship never rust... May the chains of fellowship that bind us together remain unbroken"

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