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41'er International is the Association of 41 Clubs throughout the world. 41 Club is an organisation which further develops the friendship and comradeship which the members enjoyed when they were members of Round Table.
Members of Round Table are obliged to end their membership when they reach the age of 40 or 45, according to the country in which they reside.
Round Table was formed by louis Marchesi in Great britian in 1927 and 41 Clubs, which are clubs for former members of Round Table (Ex-Tablers or Old Tablers), started to be formed in the early 1940s. the Association of Ex-Tablers' Clubs - 41 Club of Breat britian and Ireland was formed in 1945. 41 International was formed in 1975.
Today, the Associations of Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Indian Ocean, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, South africa, Switzerland, and Zambia are full members of 41 International but there are 41 Clubs in many other countries throughout the world.
41 International is led by and International Board which comprises a President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and an Immediate Past President. An Annual General Meeting and a Half Yearly Meeting are held by the members each year. The main objects of 41 International are to maintain at international level contacts between clubs and their members throughout the world and to maintain the bonds of friendship which unite all Ex -Tablers. 41 International has aproximately 50,000 individual members.


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Latest Events

Thu, Jul, 2024 -
Somerset West 41 Club Meetings
Thu, Jul, 2024 -
Pietermaritzburg 41 Club
Sat, Jul, 2024 -
41'er Day
Thu, Aug, 2024 -
Pretoria 41 Club Gathering 7
Sat, Aug, 2024 - Sat, Aug, 2024
Sat, Aug, 2024 - Sat, Aug, 2024
Sat, Sep, 2024 - Sat, Sep, 2024
South Africa
Sun, Sep, 2024 - Sun, Sep, 2024
RTI World Meeting
Thu, Sep, 2024 -
Pretoria 41 Club Gathering 8
Sat, Oct, 2024 - Sat, Oct, 2024
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Member Associations

Austria belgium Cyprus Denmark Finland Germany Great Britain Iceland India Israel Italy Malta Mauritius Morocco Netherland New-Zealand Norway Poland Romania South Africa Sri Lanka Suriname Sweden Switzerland Zambia Border Area

"May the hinges of friendship never rust... May the chains of fellowship that bind us together remain unbroken"

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