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Alan Malan PhotoGreetings 41’ers!

My name is Alan Malan and I am currently the Association President for Round Table Southern Africa.

I come from a small town in the Eastern Cape called Kenton-on-Sea and have been a proud member of Alex/Kenton 210 for almost 17 years. My father as well as four of my uncles were members of my Club between 1976 and 2006.

A few years ago, we decided as an Association to work on our brand and concentrate on membership retention. In our ever-changing societies and communities, we constantly strive to remain relevant and pro-active.

More large businesses and corporates are starting to approach us for partnerships, offer us sponsorships and are taking us seriously.

Our own home-grown project, Winter Knights, has grown from strength to strength, with both Toyota (across Southern Africa) as well as Radiowave (Namibia) partnering with us. The project has been adopted by Round Table Botswana and Round Table Zambia is in the process of also adopting it. We are currently waiting for the reports to come in to tally this year’s figures but are confident that the project has grown since last year.

Round Table Southern Africa continues to use our voice abroad within Round Table International, with many Associations looking to us for guidance and advice on a continuous basis. We have recently won the RTI Magazine of the Year (for our Inkundla) for another year, and at the World Meeting in Sri Lanka last year August, we had nominations in every category. We are currently gearing up for the World Meeting in Romania, and again we have nominations in every category for the RTI Awards.

Round Table Southern Africa managed to grow its Membership for the first time in 8 years, and the efforts of concentrating on retention have begun to pay off. Our current Vice President, Christo Bezuidenhout, is working hard with his Vice Area Chairmen to ensure that this becomes a positive trend going forwards.

Round Table continues to provide the platform for young men to come together to discuss challenges, debate ideas, initiate changes where necessary, build friendships and network responsibly.

We hope to continue our strong relationship with the 41’ers Association of Southern Africa and look forward to many years of fellowship together.

Yours in Table,

Alan L Malan

Association President 2019/2020


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